Unit III: From Your Camera to the World

Contrary to what some people might believe, clicking the shutter button is not the end of the job of a photographer. It’s more like the beginning of the end of a cycle. Pictures don’t just stay in the film or memory card. They still have to be somehow seen by people. This part of the course will cover what happens to a digital image, from the camera to the world.

Tom Ang illustrates what he calls the digital pathways in his book, Digital Photography: An Introduction. It is a life cycle of a digital image, starting from it’s capture, to its processing and storage, and it’s dissemination.



The details may change over time, but this diagram will essentially stay true in the foreseeable future. Take a few moments to study the flow chart and think about its implications.



Ang, T. (2010). Digital Photography: An Introduction (3rd ed.). New York, NY. DK Publishing.